A new comedy series called "Marlon" is making its way to TV screens. Evening reporter Michael King had a chance to chat with the star, Marlon Wayans, about the new series.

Michael: Before we talk about your new show, I hear you're coming to the northwest next month?

Marlon: Yeah, I'm actually going to be up there performing in Puyallup (pronounces it Pooylap) at the Washington State Fair.

Michael: Very cool, but it's actually pronounced, Puyallup. It's a commonly mispronounced place.

Marlon: Pielap?

Michael: Puyallup.

Marlon: What? Peelap? How you call it?

Michael: Like church "pew" and "gallup.” Puyallup.

Marlon: Puyallup (says it right).

Michael: Perfect! You got it! How excited are you for people to see your new show?

Marlon: I'm very excited. “Marlon” is a really funny show loosely based on my life as a divorced, slightly inappropriate dad that's trying to keep his family together in the midst of a divorce. It's a really funny show about my parenting advise and how my relationship with my ex. So, it's really a great aspirational show because it's about love and it's not about divorce. Divorce is just a back drop.

Michael: This doesn't sound like one of those old school "Father knows best" kind of shows.

Marlon: It's not, and neither is our advice as parents. We try to act like we're all PC but that's not how we are. My daughter came home and was like “Dad, I'm getting bullied.” And I said “Girl, you go to an all-white private school, you supposed to be the bully.” I just give them crazy advise and have a good time. I am flawed but that's what makes it beautiful is that you can be imperfect in this world and still be loved.

Michael: We all long to be loved, right? Well, Marlon, we're looking forward to your new show and your appearance down at the fair.

Marlon: September 23rd at the Washington State Fair in Poallup. I was calling it Pooyap, Poolap, Puyallup or Pooau, you know.

Marlon Wayans will be performing at the Washington State Fair on September 23.

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