Tal M. Klein is the author of "The Punch Escrow," a science fiction novel set in the 22nd century about a man who teleports to Costa Rica on his 10 year anniversary and inadvertently becomes duplicated in the process. The result is a bizarre love triangle between his wife and both versions of him.

While it's a science fiction book based in science, Klein said "it doesn't mean we can teleport today."

"It means that the teleportation technology that exists in the book is based on technologies that we know to exist today," he said.

This subject may remind some readers of the classic science fiction TV show, "Star Trek."

"[It's] kind of all over the place," Klein said of the show.

Klein said so many of us are drawn to teleportation because "Anybody who is generally stuck in traffic... will give anything not to be stuck in traffic, me included."

"Teleportation as a trope has been overused, and what I was trying to go for in my book was a more plausible implementation of teleportation and explanation of how it might work," Klein said.

But does the author himself believe teleportation works?

"If a million people teleported safely and I talked to a few million people who had and they said it was fine, and you look like yourself and you sound like yourself, [it] sounds like teleportation is pretty safe," he said.

"The Punch Escrow" has been optioned for a movie by Lionsgate and Klein is writing two more hard science books for the series.

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