Scheduling kids' extracurricular activities is anything but child's play for busy parents.

Helen Wang - a mother of two who has a PhD in Computer Science - wanted to take the tedium out of the task of finding camps for her boys. So she quit her high salary job at Microsoft, and developed 6 Crickets.

"Families can finally find where all these after school classes are,” said Wang. “At one page!"

With her website, you don't have to hunt and peck online to sign the kids up for that ping pong camp, coding class or theater production.

"You can come to and at one website you can find and book camps and classes,’ said Wang. “It's very simple."

Here's how it works -- say you want to find camps over winter break for your two kids...

"I enter their ages, 7-years-old and 9-years-old, I simply click on discover camps and see what's offered,” explained Wang. "Ah, here is a programming camp, that could be pretty interesting for my children... Parents really love our service because we save them tons of time. Parents say 'Wow! Bless You!'”

This site is also a game changer for places like Sponge -- a language immersion school that benefits from the streamlined scheduling and full classes 6 Crickets brings.

"It is easy for the parents and for the PTSAs at schools to have a 'one stop shop' and do all their after school programs through 6 crickets, and that has helped us," said Heike Missal of Sponge Language Immersion.

Wang often describes 6 Crickets as her third child.

"This is almost like a baby to me -- and raising this baby takes a lot of effort,” said Wang. “From families and communities, and it's been a blessing."

An innovation that makes everyone into a Happy Camper.

Check out 6 Crickets here.

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