SEATTLE -- Christian Louboutin, iconic designer of red-soled luxury heels, is in the Pacific Northwest this week.

He made stops at Nordstrom stores in downtown Seattle and Vancouver, B.C. to meet with fans and sign their Louboutin shoes and handbags.

The designer also talked to Evening host Kim Holcomb and his brand’s 25th anniversary.

LOUBOUTIN: "It seems shorter, it seems definitely shorter. It seems to me that it's still very much a young adventure, in a way."

HOLCOMB: "What inspires you now?”

LOUBOUTIN: “You know, inspiration for me is coming from everywhere… people I meet or people I would see in the street, the way they walk, or people in conversation. But also fine arts, I love objects, I’ve always loved objects, and also traveling. I never came back with empty pockets or empty luggage, that's for sure."

HOLCOMB: "What are you going to bring home from Seattle?”

LOUBOUTIN: “I've been seeing beautiful blown glass from Chihuly. And also, I started to see Native American art, which I like very much."

HOLCOMB: "Here in Seattle, obviously weather dictates a lot of how we dress, there's a practicality for it. Should a Seattle woman still have a pair of your heels?”

LOUBOUTIN: “Well, Seattle is not that bad (laughs.) It's so funny, most people say ‘sorry’ for the weather. There is no reason to be sorry about the weather. I live in Paris and we are sharing one thing between Paris and Seattle is actually this beautiful grey coloration. You actually have the same light, it's a grey light coming on the lake, it really gives this beautiful grey silverish coloration.”