When we first met Dubs, he was a 10-month old pup making his first official public appearance.

Now this veteran Dawg is just days away from his 7th birthday (November 15th).

Today his student handlers and his live-in family revealed five secrets of the Husky mascot you may not have known!

First, he is not a Husky by breed, but Jennifer McBride, with whom Dubs lives, clarifies.

"Of course, he's a Husky. I mean we're Huskies. So his breed is Alaskan Malamute. A lotta people think when you say Husky that you're talking about the breed Siberian Husky? But really, if you just say Husky by itself, it's any northern breed of dog that pulls a sled."

Second, he DOES cavort with cats!

"So he was raised with cats and to get along with them. And it helps cuz it means he has learned not to chase small animals," says Jennifer.

Third, he does a trick! When you ask him if he'd rather be a Cougar or a dead dog, he plays dead.

Fourth, his sweet spot is his armpit!

"Sometimes he'll raise his hand, his paw? And you can pet his underarm and you can rest it on your arm. It's so cute," says student handler Stephanie Stanek.

And fifth, he DOES recline on a couch if given the chance.

"He is a couch surfer. As soon as we leave the room, he is like, I am on it," says Kelly Campbell, with whom he lives.