It's a foot race that requires four feet. Track and field for the furry. Flyball is a team sport where dogs and their owners work together in a race for glory.

"We have four dogs racing against four dogs," said Claire Mitchell, co-founder of the Seattle-based Flight Pack Flyball team.

In the sport of Flyball each dog leaps hurdles to retrieve a ball from a spring-loaded box, then returns that ball to the starting line, where the next canine competitor in the relay awaits.

Mitchell and fellow team founder, Barbara Reisinger, welcome dogs of every age, size and breed.

"Every dog can play this sport if you're willing to put the time in. And you have a ton of fun," said Reisinger.

Human and canine teammates work together through every level of training and competition.

The biggest challenge may be keeping these guys out of the race.

"It's fun for them," Reisinger added. "And that's what this is about."

You can watch flyball teams in action this weekend at the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show at CenturyLink Field Event Center.