It may not be marked on any calendar, but in the world of cannabis, April 20 or 4/20 is a national holiday. And since Washington State voters made the consumption of marijuana legal, there's plenty of ways people are celebrating the day.

The Goodship
Launched in 2014, The Goodship was created by Cupcake Royale owner, Jody Hall. While her cupcakes are still family friendly, her cannabis cookies and chocolates are popular for those 21 and over.

Diego Pellicer
It looks more like a high-end jewelry store than a pot shop. But that’s exactly what marijuana retailer Diego Pellicer is going for. One of the unique items they sell is a cigar-sized joint that cost $3,600.

Gateway Show
If you want to see and hear the effects pot can have on your sense of humor, The Gateway Show brings comedy and cannabis together on stage. Comics start their set by performing their jokes sober. But later each one takes a toke or two and tries to tell jokes to the crowd while completely high.