Earth Day marks the official opening of a new Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium exhibit of ten larger than life sea creatures made from trash—mostly plastic--that has washed ashore on Oregon beaches.
Olympia native Angela Haseltine Pozzi is the artist.

“I want people to say ‘Wow this is great art and it's really beautiful. It's amazing’ and then go ‘But how is this possible that this is really all garbage off the beaches?’”

The creatures you'll meet are all beautiful from a distance, but disturbing up close.

“We just live in a world that is full of plastic,” says Haseltine Pozzi. “We can make everything out of plastic and we do and then we use it and it lasts forever and everything we've ever made out of plastic is still here. “

Thousands of volunteers have helped, by collecting the debris and building the sculptures. They’re all overseen
by this retired teacher. And yes, she is still teaching with each and every sculpture.

“Until we stop using plastic we won't stop having stuff come up on beaches.”