K-9 siblings Honey and Badger were born without front legs.

"They couldn't run on pavement," Patti Maudlin said. "No gravel. They had to be carried everywhere without their wheels. So they really didn't have a chance to experience regular life."

Patti is the adopted mother of Honey and Badger. She employed a wheelchair-style device to help the dogs get around, but it just wasn't working.

"You know, they were so unhappy in their other devices," Patti said. "They kind of broke down and stopped wanting to play. They'd go in corners and just kinda sit there and whine."

But, that was then. This is now.

Honey and Badger are now rocking a new set of wheels, thanks to Random Owens and Garth Knapp.

"Everything we do, we're always trying to invent something, really"," Random said. "And I mean because that's what we do here."

Random and Garth Knapp usually serve humans at Sound Prosthetics in Olympia, but Patti called them anyway.

"Random was kind enough to say, 'Bring them on in and I'll do it,'" Patti said.

"[It's] the same approach, the same materials, except we don't use wheels very often," Garth said.

And they don't usually help dogs either. But Random had the idea to check the local toy store.

"They just had a bin full of wheels and we picked them out," he said.

As it turns out, toy truck carriers are perfect for toy fox terriers without front legs.

"We wanted them to be dogs," Random said. "To run around and jump and do what they normally do, you know?"

They molded a custom plastic jacked for each dog, attached the wheels, and off they went.

"I had to carry them in here," Patti said. "But the day we put those on, they walked out the door."

"Now they're our shortest and most enthusiastic clients," Garth said.

Now Honey and Badger can hit the streets, go for hikes, and even hop curbs. Sometimes they go down, but not for long.

"To have them be able to run through the woods and hop rocks and chase other dogs through the yard has just been a joy for me," Patti said. "They definitely deserve to be happy and they weren't before."

Patti is the executive director at Valhalla Rescue which benefits dogs with special medical needs. On August 26th, Valhalla Rescue is co-hosting the 6th annual Cornbread Ball at Slims Last Chance Saloon in Seattle to support their dogs. It will be an all day event with music, auctions, food, and all sorts of fun.

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