Harvest the police horse is getting ready to walk his beat one last time. This 17-and-a-half hand Clydesdale/quarter horse mix has been officer Mark Wubbena's partner since 2001.

"He's a gentle giant is the way to describe him," Wubbenna said as he groomed the huge horse for his last day of work.

This horse and his human are well matched.

"We're both big tough, me in my uniform, and a big horse like this, but yeah, we're creampuffs."

After arriving in downtown Seattle....Harvest hits his favorite haunts...which all involve treats from carrots to cookies to candy.

"Harvest is really popular, I don't know why it is, the face, and the eyes. He's so big, that's what gets everybody,” Wubbena explained.

Harvest may be turning in his badge but he'll still be helping others: he's going to Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center, where another police horse - Blaze - retired earlier. When Harvest arrives at his new home, the first order of business is a reunion with Blaze. Then, more treats.

"He will go into our adaptive program, once he goes through a trial period. So he'll serve children and adults with disabilities,” said Dana Richardson of Little Bit.

Officer Wubbena gives his partner one last chocolate and says goodbye.

"We've been together 16 years, so it's been a great ride...I actually fell in love with the horse."

Harvest the police horse will no longer walk Seattle's streets, but he’ll continue to serve.