Billy Bob Thornton is back and "badder" than ever.

"It's just such a fun role to play," Thornton told Evening's Jim Dever.

The star of Bad Santa 2 has suited up for crime and comedy a full 13 years after the original movie.

Thornton said the sequel has been in the works for more than a decade. "We always knew we were going to do it."

Bad Santa 2 reunites Billy Bob with costar Tony Cox and child star-turned man-child star Brett Kelly, who was just 8 years old in the first film and looks virtually and oddly the same this time around.

To return to form, the recent University of British Columbia graduate had to pack on more than 50 pounds before and during filming in Montreal.

"There's poutine and smoked meat and I had a fun time there," Kelly said.

Rounding out the new cast is Mad Men's Christina Hendricks. She said the raunchy script set the tone for the entire production.

"I think I was just sitting there with Billy one day having a normal conversation in-between, and everything that came out of his mouth, I was like, 'Heh.' I was like, why does everything sound dirty to me?"

Screen legend Kathy Bates joins the cast as the criminal Kringle's mom, using curse word to great effect throughout the film.

"How much of that do you actually use in your real life?" Dever asked her.

"Oh, I use it quite liberally," Bates replied. "I've tried, over the last few years, to really curtail that."

On the other hand, Cox, who plays a foul-mouthed partner in crime is actually church-going and straight as an arrow.

Cox said, "Pray to my God and I tell him, like, 'Please forgive me. This is Bad Santa, so give me a break.'"

Bad Santa 2 is one more chance for fans of a very bad Santa to have a happy f**king holiday. The movie was released on DVD today, February 21.