Seahawk Tanner McEvoy hopes to make a big splash in his second year with the team. He sits down with "Evening's" Michael King to answer life's most important questions at the Boys and Girls Club in the Central District of Seattle.

MICHAEL: I notice sometimes a receiver will catch with the body. Sometimes with the hands. How do you decide?

TANNER: It's kinda where the ball placement is. I try to always catch with my hands cuz you have more control. But if it's raining, you kinda only have a choice of bodyin' the ball.

MICHAEL: When you caught a touchdown last year against the Jets, you were wide open. Is that harder when nobody's around?

TANNER: It's the hardest and easiest catch you can make. There's a lotta people watching and it's a big game. It could get to some people. But luckily, I've played in some big games before and instincts and practice took over.

MICHAEL: What is your secret pre-game meal?

TANNER: I usually do like an omelette.And I'll mix in some vegetables in there. Then I'll get some pasta and some chicken. And some fruit.

MICHAEL: Since you're Irish, you can Irish dance right?

TANNER: I've tried and I can't seem to figure it out. I don't know why it's difficult. But it's a lot harder than it looks.