If you're looking for solid journalism, this ain't it. But in its first season, Great News did deliver great comedy.

"I think it's a good show," said co-star Horatio Sans. "Like, when I go to my allergist, he goes, 'Hey, I like your show.' And I go, 'Hey, yeah, thanks. I like it too.'"

Now the show is back for Season Two.

Comedy veteran Andrea Martin stars as an overbearing mom to a TV producer played by Briga Heelan. The Great News cast is like a family, too.

Sans said, "We all kind of amuse each other, I think."

"The relationship has blossomed in a very real way, not just characters that we play on TV," added Martin.

"We just laugh," Heelan said, "and I think we got really lucky that we get each other."

John Michael Higgins and Nicole Richie co-anchor the show's fictional newscast.

"I like my anchor voice. I feel safe," joked Richie.

"I feel safe when you use the anchor voice," responded Higgins.

This season, Executive Producer Tina Fey joins the cast in a guest role.

"I've entered a show that I've been watching," said Fey. "It's pretty fun."

And that's great news for viewers.

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