Adrianne King sees dead people.

At first, she believed there was something wrong with her camera.

Shot after shot, filled with mysterious lights, orbs and auras were things that looked like moving lights in places they didn't appear in real life. Spots that looked like rain on a perfectly dry night.

Even when she changed cameras again and again, ghostly photos just kept on coming.

"In every picture there's something," said King. "Some type of energy."

It all seemed to have started for King a few years ago after a near-death experience she prefers not to talk about. The chills and spine-tingles she'd been feeling her whole life grew and enhanced.

So, she started going on ghost hunts -- and her camera did not disappoint.

"No matter where I go, I seem to get something somewhere," she revealed.

King showed Evening ghostly photos from a local church, at a Jimi Hendrix memorial and a former site of a bakery outlet in Shoreline, Wash. -- the last of which she found the most haunted.

Now the new home of the Cressy Door Company, King is finding some former "tenants" may still be hanging around. At least one worker has already experienced an unsettling occurrence.

The worker described, "The door was locked when I was trying to get back in. And I didn't think about it. I'm like, 'Oh, maybe it just locks automatically when you go outside.' But it's not that type of door."

Some people might say the orbs and strange lights and figures in her photos mean nothing. But Adrianne King and her haunted cameras have photos to suggest otherwise.

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