The flavors of a signature Hawaiian dish are at family-owned restaurant Ono Poke.

"My mom works here three times a week, my brother-in-law is my manager, he's here with me every day, seven days a week,” said owner Steven Ono.

The Onos hail from the Oahu countryside, where poke is served Hawaiian-style – pre-made, marinated, and served in big pans.

Ono Poke maintains the island-style, complete with fresh caught ingredient - octopus and specialty fish are flown in from Japan, and they bring ahi in from Hawaii every day.

But the truest sense of the Hawaiian spirit isn't found in the case. It's on a bulletin board known as the “Lokahi Wall.”

“In Hawaiian, lokahi means balance,” Ono said. "My balance is that I want to give away as much as I get, so this is a pact between myself and the customers. For $10, they get to write a nice little note and we put it on the wall, and anyone in the community in need can come in, take one of these off the wall, and redeem it for anything they want to eat or drink."

Ono believes “ohana” isn't simply his own family. It includes everyone who walks through the doors.

"I'm welcoming you into our home, and you're just hanging out, eating some good food, and listening to some really great music,” he said.

Ono Poke is located on Edmonds Way and their menu changes daily as fresh fish comes in. The updated offerings are posted on their Facebook page.

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