When Sea Gal Hannah is on the field -- her hair is fierce.

'It's a lion’s mane, it's huge and curly,' she said.

Curl specialists with Gene Juarez Salons and Spas, are expert at taming fierce curls -- without breaking their spirit.

There are 45 Gene Juarez curl care specialists, and more are being certified every day. A few things are key when it comes to styling curly hair.

Don't hurry: Patience and a soft hand are key to curl care.

Be generous with the gel: it goes a long way towards keeping hair defined and frizz free.

And dry gently, without touching or moving the hair too much.

Hannah and some other Sea Gals who are 'curly girls' recently got tips and styling from the curl experts at Gene Juarez.

'My hair was so frizzy before, and I was like, how do I tame these curls?' Hannah said.

Whether the waves were loose, like Christian's,

tight, like Myriah's,

kinky like Kristin's,

or classic, like Hannah's,

all of the women thought their new curly 'dos were something to cheer about.

To work with a Gene Juarez Curl Expert, just ask for one when booking your appointment.