Great pumpkin! The Great Pumpkin Beer Festival is back and bigger than ever. How big?

1713 pounds.

That's the size of Sumner grower Joel Holland's winning gourd from last weekend's Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off.

Daniel Beyer is Elysian Brewing's chief pumpkin wrangler, and the man getting ready to prep this monster for a belly full of beer. The pumpkin will be filled with one of Elysian Brewing's pumpkin-flavored seasonal brews for this weekend's sold-out Great Pumpkin Beer Festival.

Elysian Brewing CEO Joe Bisacca said, "The first year the pumpkin was raw, and it was not such a good thing."

"And next year we decided to improve upon that," added Beyer.

Beyer discovered that the beer tasted better with a little more pumpkin prep. Now, they first scorch the inside with a torch.

"Came out to be a much better flavor," he said.

"We drill multiple holes," Beyer added. "And this thing's just squirting beer out of it every which way."

It'll be the centerpiece of an event known for serving up the unexpected.

Bisacca said, "There is a 35-foot-tall tiki god making an appearance."

Come Saturday, this great pumpkin and 7,000 of its closest friends will be partying down at Elysian Fields in SoDo.