A downtown Seattle store could change the way you shop for clothing. It's called Do The Extraordinary and everything is locally-designed, handmade and ready-to-wear.

The idea - instead of buying stuff that's cheap, but is going to fall apart, is to support local creators by buying clothing that lasts.

It's a collaboration between former Seattle Seahawk Shaun Alexander and entrepreneur Justin Kercher.

"You try on clothes in a bank vault. I mean, kind of. Originally, this was built as a bank,” said Kercher. "We kind of created the vault as a dressing room lounge, so when you're trying things on, your significant other or friends, whoever you're with, they can be hanging out in here. While you're in the old, these are actually the old safety deposit box rooms. We gutted those and turned them into dressing rooms."

Do The Extraordinary also has its own speakeasy.

"We have private events and rent it out for other people who want to have events here," said Kercher. "But really, we want this to be about people, so more about creating an atmosphere that people can come and have fun in."

Have fun and see the location where the clothing is being created.

"We've become so disconnected now with where our food comes from and where our clothes come from. To be able to say, 'Come meet the people that are making it, come see where it's actually made,' I think is a powerful thing people are really connecting with," said Kercher. "It's why farm to table restaurants have become so popular, because I actually do care where this steak came from. So, in some ways, we're kind of creating that model in clothes and in fashion."

Do The Extraordinary
1810 6th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101