Some photos are worth a thousand words, but Clare Barboza's are worth a thousand flavors.

Barboza is a professional food photographer, snapping the images that inspire others to eat.

This shoot is for a stock photo and the theme is Mediterranean.

Barboza makes cool move to the camera, but she also documents food before it sits on a plate.

"I love shooting food in the studio, it's so fun, but the other part that I love is really telling the story behind it," she said.

It's a love she discovered after spending years shooting weddings.

"Somebody told me about a farmer, a small farmer, who was looking to [potentially write] a book, and was looking for a photographer to document the ins and outs of his farm," she said. "And it was life changing."

"I changed businesses, I transitioned and said I was leaving weddings during the recession, which was a great move," she laughed.

It all worked out. She's traveled the country and snapped the pictures that fill more than 15 books. And inside her SoDo photography studio, she's perfected the kind of image so many earnest Instagrammers are trying to master.

"It's often like creating little vignettes, like paintings," she said. "It's all about compassion and color and light and texture."

Barboza is assisted by a food stylist who makes sure every olive is just so and a wall of props Clare bought second-hand helps create the right mood for any meal.

"I think I became a food photographer so I could write off shopping for things in antique stores; really, that's the secret," she said.

The process is painstaking -- a shoot can last for more than two hours -- but in the end, she gets her shot and some excellent leftovers.

"Everyone's eating really well for dinner afterwards," she said.

By turning this into that, Clare found a deeper kind of nourishment too. Honoring what's on our table, by showing the beauty of how it got there.

"So when I got to start to tell that a little bit, it fed a big part of my soul, I guess," she laughed.

To see Barboza's work, visit her website.

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