New movie Cars 3 focuses on the next generation of racers – faster, sleeker, better models.

But nothing can replace the memory of a first car.

The cast reminisced about the first vehicles they ever owned.

Cristela Alonzo:

"My first car was a silver Camaro that I want to say was 11 years old when I got it… it was pretty cool, it was pretty cool."

Owen Wilson:

"My first car was a Chevy Blazer and I had that when I was 16 in Texas… it didn't have a name, but I loved it. It's sort of that Muddy Waters quote, ‘A man ain't a man without a car,' and I'm sure it applies to a woman also, just the sense of freedom you get, and independence."

Armie Hammer:

"It was a Lexus IS300, one of those little Lexus things… mine was like used, kind of like a mom car.”

Kerry Washington:

"The first car I ever owned was a Prius. I got them when they first came out and I've been getting them ever since. I feel it's important to drive a car that does as little, to drive a car that's not awful to the environment. I love that ‘Natalie Certain’ looks like a Tesla because that's another environmentally friendly car."

Cars 3 is rated G and opens in theaters on June 16.