Whether it's for breakfast, lunch or dinner -- or fresh baked pastries and mouth-watering sandwiches -- Cafe Hitchcock has you covered.

This all-day cafe is located in downtown Seattle and is the latest establishment from chef Brendan McGill, and just like Georgetown's Hitchcock Deli, the philosophy is the same: eating well doesn't have to include fine dining.

"I really believe that high-quality food should be available in an everyday format," Brendan said.

They make pate from scratch using wholesome ingredients and classic techniques to create gourmet sandwiches to-go.

"We use it on our bahn mi sandwiches, the French Vietnamese style where they often have a schmear of pate and some marinated chicken," Brendan said.

Their signature dish is inspired by Katz's Deli on New York City's lower east side.

Brendan can tell you the origin of every ingredient on the menu. He knows some people might roll their eyes and say, "Only in Seattle."

"To that I would say, of course, it happens in Seattle," Brendan said. "We're a progressive town. We care about the food that goes into our stomachs."

Cafe Hitchcock
(206) 467-5078
818 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98104

Hitchcock Deli
(206) 582-2796
6003 12th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108

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