Some speedy and eggcellent (sorry) moves got Silverdale's Ross McCurdy and his 13-year-old daughter Mira into the Guinness Book of World Records.

'Here at the restaurant, we crack almost 10 thousand eggs a week. And that'll slow you down with two hands,’ said McCurdy.

Their feat? Team one-handed egg cracking.

They broke the record this June on 'The F Word with Gordon Ramsey' -- they went head to head with the chef and his daughter, and they won.

McCurdy cracked this record solo earlier, in 2011. He was wondering who was the fastest egg cracker at his restaurant, The Oak Table Café, then located in Kingston, Washington. It turns out it was him. Today, McCurdy owns The Oak Table Café in Silverdale. The place serves breakfast all day, thus the egg breaking skills.

Ross's other hobby is breaking other records: Like Most Pancakes Made in an Hour (1092 if you’re wondering). And Longest Distance for a Grape Self Thrown and Caught in the Mouth (68 feet and 1 inch.)

But this latest record means the most:

"This one was just such an honor, to be able to do it with my daughter? And now we're both gonna be in the book next year?" said McCurdy as he demonstrated his cracking technique alongside his daughter, Mira. There’s a need for this speed:

These eggs end up in The Oak Table's most popular dishes:

Like Eggs Nichole, named for Ross's wife and co-owner of The Oak Table.

"So the Eggs Nichole, it’s got spinach, mushroom, and onions, with eggs and Swiss cheese atop a toasted croissant. And we cover it with our house made hollandaise sauce."

And two wonders of eggy engineering, the German pancake, and the best-selling apple pancake.

“It's like a giant bread pudding with cinnamon sugar glaze; we ring the bell every time you order it.”

They also toot a horn – it’s quite a production when an apple pancake comes out of the oven.

Hang out at The Oak Table, and it's clear that this place serves pretty good eggs -- and it's run by one as well.

'I think I can describe him as a funny, caring, awesome father,’ said Mira.

The Oak Table Cafe was named 2016 & 2017's BEST Breakfast in Western Washington in our annual viewer's poll.