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Evening's simply superlative show (full list)
Author: King5 Evening
Published: 10:04 PM PST December 26, 2017
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Evening presents the biggest, tallest, smallest, coldest, hottest, oldest, newest show ever! A show that is simply superlative and explores the Northwest's extremes.


Evening's simply superlative show (full list)

Chapter 1

Tallest Burger

Burger Madness Seattle

With locations in Monroe and Seattle, the home of the Northwest's tallest burger is famous for its Stack 'em Challenge. If you can complete a burger of 12 or more patties, its on the house.

One challenger even managed to eat the 20-stack burger in just eight minutes!

Chapter 2

Highest Wood Building

The University of British Columbia

The world's tallest wooden building just so happens to be the Brock Commons at The University of British Columbia.

The 18-story student residence was recently completed at the Vancouver campus.

Chapter 3

Largest Wooden Structure

Tillamook Air Museum

North America's largest wooden structure is the Tillamook Air Museum. This once functioning hangar is so large you could safely fly an airplane through it.

Chapter 4

Largest Wooden Dome

Tacoma Dome

The title of "largest wooden dome by volume in the world" belongs to the Tacoma Dome. By the way, the first concert there was David Bowie back in 1983.

Chapter 5

Steepest Road

East Roy Street

Seattle's East Roy Street in the Capitol Hill neighborhood is the single steepest block in the City of Seattle.

Between the 25th and 26th Avenue, this stretch of road tilts at a whopping 26% grade.

Chapter 6

Greenest Roof

The Gates Foundation

In the heart of the city lies an urban oasis. An acre-and-a-half of pristine vegetation that most people will never see.

The parking garage at the Gates Foundation is Puget Sound's greenest roof with plants that are drought-resistant, thriving mostly on rainwater alone.

Chapter 7

Largest Egg

Winlock, Washington

Winlock was once one of the world's top producers of eggs, so it's fitting that the world's largest egg sits on a pedestal there.

Chapter 8

Largest Dead Bird Collection

Burke Museum

The Burke Museum houses more than 100,000 feathery residents, all of which happen to be dead. It's one of the largest collections of it's kind on Earth -- featuring current and extinct species.

Chapter 9

Strongest Bodybuilder

Stan "The White Rhino" Efferding

Portland-native Stan Efferding is the world's strongest bodybuilder. He proved his strength to us by lifting Evening reporter Jim Dever up in a chair.

Chapter 10

Largest Tunnel Boring Machine


Bertha, the world's largest tunnel boring machine, was digging beneath the City of Seattle for nearly four years. The machine was creating a 1.75-mile path for State Route 99.

Chapter 11

Coldest Room

Northwest Cryotherapy Institute

No one can really know for sure, but the freezing chamber at Northwest Cryotherapy Institute in Bellevue may be the coldest room in the world.

The coldest temperature ever recorded was -129 in Antarctica, but the chamber at this business gets down to -134.

Chapter 12

Quietest Place

Microsoft Campus

<p>The quietest room in the world is acoustically controlled. (Photo: Microsoft)</p>

Tucked away in a special place called The Department of Human Data in Microsoft's Redmond Campus is the quietest place on Earth.

The anechoic chamber in building 87 is used to fine-tune audio functions on Microsoft productions.

Chapter 13

Youngest Politician

Melanie Stambaugh

Melanie Stambaugh was elected to the Washington State House of Representatives when she was just 24-years-old, making her the youngest member of the state legislature.

The former Daffodil Queen from Puyallup says she actually started campaigning at the age of four and is out to prove it's never too soon to make a difference.

Chapter 14

Oldest Governor

Al Rosellini

The longest-living governor in our nation's history was Washington's late Al Rosellini. He took office during the Eisenhower administration and was friends with Frank Sinatra, John F. Jennedy, and Harry S. Truman.

Chapter 15

Fastest Airline Ever Flown

The Museum of Flight

Inside Boeing's Museum of Flight is the fastest airline ever flown, The Concorde. When these planes were in service, they could cross the Atlantic Ocean in just three hours.

And contrary to popular belief, The Concorde did not fly in outer space.

Chapter 16

Largest Star Wars Cereal Collection

Gus Lopez

Seattle's Gus Lopez owns the world's largest collection of Star Wars cereal boxes!

The collector has more than 300 cereal boxes on display in his "cereal room."

Chapter 17

Tastiest Art


Port Angeles dad, Nathan Shields, started making the world's tastiest art just to delight his kids. From animated characters to movie icons, Nathan has made enough pancake portraits to feed hundreds of people.

Chapter 18

Spiciest Food

Crawfish House

You can find the Northwest's hottest dish at Crawfish House in White Center. Diners have the options to choose from the normal one-to-five star scale, but they'll also accommodate spicier levels... Like 20-star.

The spiciest dish uses house made hot sauce, highly concentrated habanero oil, generous portions of cayenne, and ghost chili.

Chapter 19

Oldest Restaurant

Horseshoe Cafe

Bellingham's Horseshoe Cafe has been serving up tasty fare for more than a century. the cafe opened in 1886 and is reportedly Washington's oldest , continuously operating restaurant.

Chapter 20

Largest Hat and Cowboy Boots

Georgetown, Washington

In Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood you'll find the world's largest hat and cowboy boots. The famous pair was originally built as part of a cowboy-themed gas station, but is now part of Oxbow Park.

Chapter 21

Tallest Barber Pole

Grove, Oregon

Grove, Oregon is home to the world's tallest barber pole. The pole measures at 70-feet tall.

Chapter 22

Largest Pen

Jim Woodring

Seattle artist Jim Woodring uses the largest fully-functioning ink pen to create his artwork. The pen is so large that the ball-point used inside of it is actually a baseball.

Chapter 23

Longest Book Domino Chain

Seattle Public Library

America's longest domino chain made entirely of books was assembled at the Seattle Public Library. it took six months of planning and used more than 2,000 surplus books culled from the general collection.

Chapter 24

Fastest Rubiks Cube Solver

Kevin Hays

Renton's Kevin Hays is a speedsolver -- meaning he is a recognized expert at solving Rubiks Cubes. He holds several world records, including the most Rubiks Cubes solved underwater.

Holding his breath for more than two minutes, he solved eight different cubes!

Chapter 25

Hottest Elks Club

Ballard Elks Lodge #827

Ballard's Elks Club is one of the fastest growing clubs and has one of the youngest memberships in the nations.

The club includes a private beach, inclusive community, weekly stand-up paddle board races, and more.

Chapter 26

Oldest Grocery Store

Carleton Avenue Grocery

The Carleton Avenue Grocery is Seattle's oldest grocery store, open since 1911. The store was built as an inn in 1904.

The original wood floors are more than a century old and, soda pop comes primarily in a glass, which you can enjoy using the same bottle opener that's been next to the door for... Nobody knows how long.

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