Friday Harbor, Wash. -- San Juan Island's Friday Harbor has a lot to offer, and it's all within walking distance of the marina.

Evening Magazine's Michael King arrives after 40 minute flight aboard Kenmore Air's Maggie, and goes from flying to scooting, on a Scoot Coupe from Susie's Mopeds. Then it's on to The Whale Museum, where the skeleton of Sooke, a resident Orca, now rests in peace. Don't miss Popeye the seal, who often bobs in the waters near the floating seafood market at the marina. The 2014 Friday Harbor Film Festival takes place on Nov. 7, 8 and 9th: this year it features documentaries from around the Pacific Rim. For a taste of something local, try a Chicken Gorgonzola Salad from the Roadriggers Food Truck, or if you're feeling adventurous, a seaweed salad from Tops'l, a new sushi restaurant in town. Trivia tidbit that didn't make it into Michael's stories -- San Juan Islanders call Friday Harbor 'Sin City'.

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