Thai street food found a chic brick and mortar home at Soi on Capitol Hill.

Team Evening recommend starting with cocktails - like the Tequila Shakedown, served in a paper bag... Or the Paper Plane, with the coolest garnish, ever.

For food, the Papaya Salad and Catfish Stir Fry were both delicious.

And Kim would eat this Yellow and Red Curry Noodle Dish every day if she could.

Michael tried - and liked - the Extra-Spicy Beef.

Soi is on 10th and Union, with a daily happy hour from 3 to 6 PM.

On the Menu:

  • Spicy Curried Prawns (Jumbo Tiger prawns in coconut milk curry)
  • Saku Sai Moo (Hand-formed balls of tapioca filled with marinated pork)
  • Victory Monument Noodles (Egg noodles with BBQ pork)
  • Moo Ping (Pork tenderloin skewered and barbecued)


(206) 556-4853

1400 10th Ave Seattle, WA 98122