When business is brisk at Monorail Espresso busy baristas barely have enough time to keep up with demand. But for more than 25 years working at this Pike Street location has required an exceptional amount of patience

“We get asked directions and questions nonstop ,” says owner Aimee Peck.

And that's why, years ago, Monorail Espresso came up with a second menu. For directions. An image of the menu recently became all the talk of Reddit Seattle.

“You gotta have a sense of humor to sling coffee and be a good barista,” laughs Peck.

That sense of humor dates back to founder Chuck Beek who started the business with a coffee cart in 1980. Chuck sold the business but his sense of humor and directions menu remain.

“The first thing people ask is ‘Is this real? Am I going to get charged? I really need to know where the gum wall is!’”

Prices are based on the difficulty answering. Pike Place Market? 25 cents. The gum wall? Two bucks. Yes you'll find great coffee and lots of laughter at Monorail Espresso. But unless you want to see some serious steam don’t ask the question I asked.

“So where can I find Starbucks?”

“Ah! My favorite question,” laughs Peck. “And my best response is just walk around the block.”