Elizabeth Banks’ decision to star in the new Power Rangers movie may have had something to do with the younger men in her life.

She plays villain Rita Repulsa.

Even though Banks was college-aged when the series first aired on television, she said there’s a sense of nostalgia.

"My brother is 12 years younger than me and he was obsessed with Power Rangers and when I got this job, I sent him a Red Ranger head with the DVD set inside of it - he now displays it in his home,” she said, laughing. "My two young boys have definitely caught Power Rangers (on TV) and I said, ‘All right, we can see this for a second, this is funny.’ And then they became completely and utterly obsessed with it... so this one's for my boys."

"How much do your children help inform the choices that you're making now for work?” asked Kim Holcomb.

“I think having kids has given me so much clarity about how I want to spend my time,” Banks responded. “And what I want for them and what I want for them to see me doing. It really matters to me to be a role model for them."

Saban’s Power Rangers is rated PG-13 and opens March 24.