When Ellie Suastez talks, Western Washington listens.

Her dad, Abraham Suastez, says Ellie's youth is one of her greatest strengths.

"What's in the mind of an eight-year-old?" Suastez says.

Ellie has been recording her own podcast, Ellie's Podcast 11, since she was just five, with a little help from dad and little sister, Carly.

"Most of the decisions, from the music to who to interview, it's her," Abraham Suastez said.

She's interviewed dozens of Northwest newsmakers and people of interest, from Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole to former Seahawk Clint Gresham. Ellie's not shy about going after the big scoops. Both candidates for Seattle mayor were on her show.

No telling who will face Ellie's microphone next. That's why you voted Ellie's podcast Western Washington's BEST Podcast of 2017.