Jon Christiansen's Doug Fir Martini

As BroVo distiller Mac Kenney says: "Tastes like a Christmas tree. In a good way."

One and a half ounces of vodka.

One ounce pink vermouth

Half ounce BroVo's Douglas Fir Liqueur.

Stir in a mixing beaker filled with a handful of good quality ice cubes, holding the bottom so the ice won't melt, for about 50 turns.

Garnish a stemmed shallow glass with orange peel -- cut out the bitter white pith, squeeze a bit of peel into the glass, then hang a bit on the edge (bonus points if you can do that as neatly as Jon does).

Then...pour through a strainer.

And you have a Doug Fir Martini. Aka a martini James Bond would drink if James Bond were a logger.