Even after a dozen years of cutting loose in those inescapable Mattress Ranch ads, Ted Sadtler can still get a little self conscious about dancing in front of a camera.

"You don't know how ridiculous I feel," laughed Sadtler.

But he's not gonna give up the boogie any time soon.

"People are going to stare at me anyway so why don't they stare at me being goofy?" said Sadtler. "And I love it! I get more hugs and more kisses than you can imagine!"

And he and his tight knit family are enjoying more success than you'd ever guess: operating 11 stores in Washington and Alaska and selling mattresses made by a Sumner company that employs more than 100 people.

"We've never had less than a million dollar gain each year that we've been in business," said Sadtler.

It hasn't always been this fun. For nearly 30 years Ted and wife Susan sold furniture in Alaska.

"We were working all the time from early morning to late at night so there wasn't any dancing," said Susan.

"We were open seven days a week for about ten years without taking a day off," said Ted. "It takes a lot to be successful and you have to be committed."

They lived through great success and great failure. And then -- in 2004 -- inspiration struck! One day in Port Orchard -- at age 60 -- Ted and his son began working with some leftover plywood and some colorful paint.

From the outside every Mattress Ranch looks more like a petting zoo than a store. Sadtler's goofy hand-painted folk art can be found inside as well.

"When you come into Mattress Ranch I want you to laugh," said Sadtler. "I want you to be happy. If you're really serious and nasty go to the competition."

But the real secret behind Ted's success has to be the dance moves.

"We like to call him 'Ted Astaire' around the house," laughed son Max Sadtler.

Ted showed reporter Saint Bryan how to do the Freaky Deaky. It involves a lot of long limbed leg and arm moves.

Now in his 70's, Ted said his son and daughter-in-law run the business.

Ted's job is to keep dancing and keep selling.

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