Cirque du Soleil is to Redmond with a brand new show! It's called "Luzia: A Waking Dream of Mexico." And with all the twist and turns and the running and the guy in the humming bird outfit, you will definitely stay awake!

Diana Rosas Ham is a pole dancer in Cirque du Soleil's newest production. This particular show is more meaningful to her than any other.

“I think that the dream of every acrobat and artist is to be at some point in Cirque du Soleil, no? But I never imagined that in some day they would do something related to Mexico,” said Ham.

The signature acrobatics and costumes and music abound, but this version goes where no traveling tent show has gone before... They just add water!

“I love being in the audience when the rain comes on the first time, or even the second, because you just hear this ‘ohhhh!’ Just a real amazement,” said Artistic Director Mark Shaub. “Because maybe they read about it? But it's still, you have to see it to believe it. That you're in a tent and you're seeing rain coming out in all these amazing patterns.”

Two-thousand gallons come from what they call a rain curtain, from which animals and plants and designs appear!

“We used Mexican art, culture, colors, music as a source of inspiration to create this kind of dreamlike world,” said Shaub.

There's a giant butterfly chased by a huge horse, hummingbirds soar thru hoops and a jaguar finds a friend, you visit a cabaret, a forest, and the beach!

“We're not giving them the stereotype of Mexico. We're giving them the history and the culture,” said Luzia Company Manager Heather Reilly. “And what a lot of people don't realize is that there're so many nuances of the show, they're not even going to pick up on all of it.”

A tribute to our neighbors to the south seems especially timely, but that's just a happy coincidence.

“Our goal is to take people away. It uh, come to us for two hours. We're going to take you away from the news, the politics, the what's happening outside the walls of the big top. And that's what we're all about,” said Reilly. “That's what entertainment is all about. So yes, this show's been in conception for two years, long before anything that's been going on.”

Artistic director Mark says this is the most accessible Cirque du Soleil show he's been a part of, that there's something for everybody.

Redmond will be the 5th stop on the tour. "Luzia" opens March 31st and tickets are on sale now.