Chris Evans is known for bulging biceps and rippling abs. But the man who played Captain America has gone soft in a good way. Just ask his leading lady.

"He's kindhearted.  He's sweet.  He's always doing charity," 10-year-old actress Makenna Grace told KING 5 Evening in a Los Angeles interview, then added, "He knows how to tap dance."

In the movie Gifted, Grace stars as a math genius, with Evans playing her caregiver uncle, a man who's fighting to give the little girl a normal, happy life. Evans said Grace is tailor-made for the role of prodigy.

"One of the most talented young actors that I've ever seen," he said.

"She's definitely a gifted actress," added co-star Octavia Spencer, who plays the most emotionally direct character in the film.  The Oscar-winning actress says speaking her mind comes naturally.

"You can save time by just cutting to the point," Spencer said, "So I'm a to-the-point type of person, yes."

Jenny Slate co-stars as the child genius' teacher.  The former SNL cast member was fired from the show for an inadvertent, and totally out-of-character f-bomb.

"That's the weirdest thing," Slate said, "I'm not a troublemaker."

Slate also created the viral sensation, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.

She's Chris Evans' romantic interest onscreen, and actually played that role in real life until their friendly, but very public, breakup.  The over-sharing actress doesn't regret living life out in the open.

Slate said, "I don't know that I know any other way to be.  And I'm just kind of not going to worry about it that much."

Gifted is all about connecting, and holding on to cherished things.  Lessons learned and lived by its stars.