When Crazy Eric’s first opened in 1961 they sold milkshakes for 13 cents.

The prices have changed but this place is still pretty crazy.

They come for the old school food at old school prices: six hot dogs for $4.95 and half dozen cheeseburgers for $5.88.

The burgers are grilled, the fries hand cut, the shakes made with scoops of real ice cream.

It all started in 1961 when brothers Daryl and Wayne Erickson came up with the crazy idea to sell burgers in Bremerton sometimes at five for $1.

At that time you could even find a Crazy Eric’s in Oregon.

The business plan has always been simple. Keep it affordable and people will keep coming back.

Today there's only one Crazy Eric’s left, but you'll still find an Erickson at the grill… or Rick, who's practically an Erickson after more than 40 years here.

They mess around with the menu sometimes but it's the classics that keep drawing the customers at some classic prices.

Here's hoping Crazy Eric’s never decides to go the sensible route!

Crazy Eric's Drive-in
701 National Ave S
Bremerton, WA 98312

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