Seattle’s most colorless days give rise to photographer Scott Cahill Rude's most colorful creations.

"I found that once I started noticing the puddles, I was amazed at how much there was out there to see,” he said. “I'm one of those weird people here in Seattle who looks forward to the rain."

He owns Reflecting on Seattle, a shop in Pike Place Market, showcasing photographs of city landmarks reflected in puddles.

It all began six years ago when he happened to have his camera with him during a post-rain walk.

"I was walking down around the waterfront one morning, and I looked down and saw the buildings reflected in a puddle," he said.

That single shot became the inspiration for a photo series that now sells for $50 a print.

Cahill Rude creates the art using nothing more than a 13-year-old Olympus point and shoot camera.

"It's really not about the technology or fancy equipment or whoever spends the most money on a camera,” he said. “It's imagination and creativity and finding a different, positive way of looking at things."

He hopes the photos will help more people find beauty in Seattle’s rainy weather.

"You walk outside your front door, it's all right there,” he said. “The beauty's everywhere and I think it's important to recognize that."

Reflecting on Seattle is located on the third level of Pike Place Market, known as the “Down Under.” It’s open every day of the week except Tuesday.