A tropical twist on a summertime favorite, Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonades has upwards of 20 flavors straight from the islands.

"It just brings lemonade to another level in terms of what we can do with it," said owner Terrence Santos.

His wife Julianne first discovered Wow Wow at its original location – a small wooden stand in Maui.

"The stand was just right by the airport as we were passing by,” she said. "It really took me a long time to decide what flavor I wanted - we might have even gotten a couple."

They were blown away, and eventually convinced the owners to expand the brand. The new storefront in Kirkland is the first mainland location, and opening day during Memorial Weekend was an instant success.

“The lines were out the door, which I'm very thankful for,” Terrence said.

Fresh-pressed lemons and limes create the drink’s bases, but fresh fruit and herbs make them something special.

"Lava Flow has always been the best seller,” Julianne said. “It's our classic lemonade with coconut cream, coconut jellies, pineapple puree with a strawberry puree float."

The drinks are served in mason jars customers keep and can re-use for discounted refills. Healthy acai bowls are also a popular menu item. And Terrence says the “aloha spirit” is the essential ingredient in everything they serve.

"It comes down to love. It's not ‘hi and bye,’ there's love and service,” he said. "Yes, we are founded in Maui but what makes us Hawaiian is that aloha spirit."

Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonades is located in Kirkland’s Lakeshore Plaza, just across from the waterfront. They’re open every day of the week except Monday.