SEATTLE, Wash. -- March 20th is Macaron Day. What is a macaron? They're the current 'it' cookie.

They're colorful.

A bit temperamental.

And they inspire devotion, according to baker Alexadra Greenwald, who loves these cookies so much, she has a stack of them tattooed on her back.

"I do love making them a lot the whole process is therapeutic."

Greenwald fell in love with macarons after an aunt brought some home from Paris.

"I started making them when I was about 12 or so? They looked terrible!"

Today 'Alexandra's Macarons' look delicious. And she sells these beauties out of her pink VW Van named 'Gertrude'.

"Kinda like a food truck, but a little boutique shop. I do a lot of pop ups at weddings, bridal showers, really any kind of event." says Greenwald.

A fender-bender recently put Gertrude in the garage: Alexandra's raising money to fix the bashed front end. Meahwhile, the macaron making continues. Before we get further -- don't mistake macarons for their coconutty cousin, the macaroon.

Macarons have essentially 5 ingredients: Egg whites, powdered sugar, granulates sugar, water, and almond meal. It's how they're combined that's equal parts chemistry, and alchemy. One macaron maker's trick: spanking the pan once the cookies are piped out. It's to get the air out.

But the real magic happens after the cookies have been glued together with frosting, and you take that first bite: "They're so soft, there are so many different flavor profiles in them, they're just really special little guys." Greenwald said.

Alexandra's Macarons will pop up this Saturday at West Elm in Seattle, across from Denny Park.