SEATTLE, WASH -- When people make additions to their homes they usually don't have their pets' interest in mind. But that's exactly who Cynthia Chomos was thinking of when she did hers.

"Four years ago, I was inspired by the adoption of my cat. Serena and I decided to convert my patio into a Catio," said Chomos. "Catio's are outdoor enclosures or cat patios that are designed to keep cats safe, healthy and happy outdoors."

Seeing a need, Chomos now helps other cat caregivers through her company, Catio Spaces.

For a price, Chomos’s company will come to your home and build you one of their cat enclosures. Or, if you think, Hey, I could make that, they have you covered, too.

"I've also designed several DYI, do-it-yourself, Catio plans, so that cat guardians around the country can create their own Catio," said Chomos. "The plans are pretty easy to follow. We created designs that the average home owner could create on their own with some home improvement skills."

When Kirkland resident Lesley Bergstrom got her cat, Phoebe, the shelter she adopted her from made one thing perfectly clear:

"'No letting her outside.' They were pretty adamant she would be an indoor cat for her safety and we totally agreed, so the Catio was the perfect, perfect solution to let her come outside and explore,” said Bergstrom. "It took her about two weeks to learn how to use the cat door. Now, she's out here every day."

So, if you want to give your felines a little fresh air, a Catio may just be the way to go.