A new social media sensation is based right here in Seattle -- cat cosplay!

Nathan Smith's costumes are fit for a king ... as long as that king is being played by a cat.

"It's my little creative outlet," said Smith.

This is "Cat Cosplay" - felines, dressed as characters from anime, TV and movies.

Smith, a self-described theater geek, handcrafts each piece. His exceptionally patient pets let him dress them, pose them and post their images online, for the whole world to see.

"I've been told by so many people that they look forward to my pictures every day, that it brightens their day up,” said Nathan. “And it's why I keep doing it."

The cats have their own reasons. Nak and Fox are highly motivated by treats, and Nathan has trained them to sit and stay on sets featuring miniature, cat-size props.

The wardrobe choices are mind boggling.

"This is Gerados, a Pokemon character," said Nathan. "And everything on those is hand sculpted and then painted for detail work … I threw it together in about seven hours?"

The results are - well, you be the judge.

There's Bat Cat, Bond Cat, Harry Potter, Marty McFly, Left Shark, Star Lord, Spock, Dipper Pines from the Gravity Falls cartoon and Ganondorf from the Legend of Zelda.

"The wig work takes forever to style tiny cat wigs," said Nathan.

It started as a hobby, dressing up for Renaissance Fair. Then, they were hired by a troop of performers and paid to make appearances, so Smith started making other costumes and put them out into the universe.

"The Ganondorf costume hit the front page of Reddit and had over 1 million views in a 24-hour period," said Smith. "We're receiving fan art of our cats."

And he's secured a sponsor - a company that's paying him to cosplay with his cats.

For Smith, it's a job he could never have imagined, but one he is glad to do each and every day.

"As long as I'm bringing at least one person a smile and brightening their day, all that effort is worth it," said Smith.