New movie Baby Driver is a full-speed thrill ride, with a 30-song soundtrack driving the action.

We asked the cast which Seattle musicians are on their personal playlists.

Jon Hamm:

"We lost a big Seattle musician this year with Chris Cornell, that was a real sad loss. My college era was right along with the rise of the Seattle scene, so I have a lot of fond memories of that scene."

Edgar Wright (Writer/Director):

"Does Sleater-Kinney count as a Seattle band? They're more Portland, right? Because I don't want to just say Nirvana because that's too obvious, so let's say Sleater-Kinney.”

Jamie Foxx

"Quincy Jones. Lot of people forget that he's from Seattle. Quincy Jones came, his whole background - Quincy Jones, Ray Charles - Seattle is where they started. And Seattle's known for still having live bands.”

Ansel Elgort

"I'm going to go with Quincy Jones, too. He's one of the great producers of all time.”

Baby Driver is rated R and opens in theaters on June 28.