Tacoma - Using LEGO products, ten year old Eric Vasquez has built his own business. It's located in a small 89 square foot Proctor District shop called Connect The Brick. He sells LEGO toys

" I really like it because a lot of kids around the community come by on their bikes and they trade," says Vasquez.

Eric began planning the store two years ago back when he was eight. You could see him around the neighborhood selling toys at the local farmer's market. Now he's renting his own store.

Eric has already learned a few business lessons:

#1. Build The Best Team Possible:

Eric's got his parents helping. His dad built Eric's website and his mom helps Eric manage the shop

#2. Do One Thing Really Well

Eric is obviously a Lego specialist

#3, Be Grateful

Nothing beats loyal customers. Eric's customers like his prices.

"Here they're really cheap," says one customer.

"Yes . More cheaper. That's what everyone wants," says another.

Keep those lessons in mind and you too can build your dream business just like Eric.

"I really like it because it's basically like doing the job that you love you know?"