The Nordic Heritage Museum has a new exhibit paying tribute to the popular Finnish design house Marimekko.

“Marimekko is one of the most iconic fashion brands on earth -- on the planet really -- and the fact that it came from a small country in Scandinavia is quite remarkable,” said Nordic Heritage Museum’s Eric Nelson.

For more than 60 years, Marimekko has been producing playful prints, bold, and colorful.

“Marimekko literally translates as Mary's dress,” said Nelson.

Founder Armi Ratia would say she sold ideas rather than dresses. For a certain generation, Marimekko screams midcentury: Jacqueline Kennedy was a big fan and popularized the dresses in the US.

“The idea of a lot of that design work coming out of Scandinavia in the midcentury was really to make well made, well designed things available and accessible to all people,” said Nelson.

Marimekko is still thriving and still a go-to brand for those seeking striking designs and bold colors.

The exhibit "Marimekko, With Love" runs through July 9th.