They just don't make things the way they used to, right? Leather-backed snaps. Old school. Down to the smallest of details.

Josh Sirlin is all about creating fashions that never goes out of style.

“I try to make s--- look cool,” said Sirlin. “Sometimes that works out.”

Even his company, Black Bear Brand, is something old and something new.

Josh salvaged the Black Bear name from the long-defunct Black Manufacturing Company of Seattle, which made work clothes for loggers and miners. He's using the brand to define the timeless, hand-crafted quality of its apparel.

“[You] wake up in the morning and you go to an office or you go to a garage: You can look good in both those places,” said Sirlin.

Josh is working with like-minded crafters and manufacturers all across the country to expand Black Bear Brand into other product lines, from surfboards to beanies.

“I seek the interaction of people that have those things I don't have,” Josh said.

Josh calls it his "union of makers."

“[A] community of people that are making cool s---,” he said.

He is collaborating with Dickies on a pant collection, he works with Pendleton in regards to the material and wool, and Portland's Wesco Boots is bringing his footwear to life.

“They don't make any boots outside of their Oregon factory,” Josh said. “[In] most aspects of it there's involvement from different brands, different materials, different designers, different manufacturers. There's all these things that are contributing towards that.”

He's even used that collaborative approach, working with leather crafters and customizers to restore a 1937 Harley to racing condition.

Josh is bringing new life to old wheels as he resurrects a vintage brand for a new generation.

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