Indie filmmakers from all over the world will be gathering in Tacoma starting Thursday for the little film festival that could. Among the more than 100 films to be shown, a documentary about an old friend of ours, Bill Nye.

"Bill Nye Science Guy" is an intimate look at everyone's favorite TV scientist and how he's now trying to teach adults about climate change. Nye got his start as a star of KING TV's comedy show, "Almost Live".

“Bill Nye is a Northwest hero,” said Wade Neal of The Grand Cinema. “We've all kind of followed his journey both kind of closely and from afar so it's really neat to see him as a person and get deep into his stories."

It’s just one of the films at the week-long Tacoma Film Festival, celebrating its 12th year.

“It's insane,” TFF Director Laura Nyhuis said, “We had over 1800 films submitted from filmmakers from all over the world and this year we have over 100 filmmakers attending."

The films are often smaller, but the intimacy much greater.

“It's a nice little community where you can be sitting next to the filmmaker during the film and talk to them about it afterwards,” said Nyhuis.