Beneath the deafening din of I-90 lies peace and quiet at a Lake Washington boat launch -- where one working man experiences his morning commute a bit differently.

"I kayak to work," said Ty Harper, an attorney with a Bellevue healthcare software company.

Harper paddles his way across the three miles that separate his home and office -- avoiding everything and anything that could qualify as traffic.

"I did the math once and I actually figured that if I can do this two times a week for about a year, I would not have to drive about five or six-hundred miles that year," Harper exclaimed.

He mentions his company, Edifecs, is supportive of his commute style.

"We've got a really nice health and wellness program, which includes a fitness center and showers."

The company also has free freshly squeezed juice, a plant wall which produces more oxygen in the workspace and a view of the Mercer Slough and nature preserve.

What's his favorite part of the commute?

"Going under I-90 into Mercer Slough, because you can hear all the cars going overhead, and underneath it paddling through the water," Harper said. "It's incredibly peaceful and even beautiful with all the plants."

Door to door, the commute takes Harper about 40 minutes, which is longer than the drive would. But he says he's saving sanity rather than time.

"When I get to work, I'm relaxed and ready to go. When I get home, I've had some time to simmer down and get ready to be with the family," he said. "So both ways it works really well."

He intends to do it year-round, as much as Mother Nature allows.

"Frankly, it's a beautiful way to go to work," said Harper. "It's refreshing, it's good for the soul. So I'm surprised more people don't give it a shot."

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