An exhibit at Bellevue Arts Museum features architectural sculptures made out of decommissioned guns and ammunition.

Divine Ammunition features 20 years of work by artist Al Farrow. His sculptures include perfectly scaled cathedrals, synagogues, mosques, mausoleums and other devotional objects.

"It's the surprise, really. The surprise element of his work is amazing,” said Bellevue Arts Museum Exec. Dir. Karin Kidder. "When you get in and look at the pieces, you'll see exactly how much detail has gone into every single work."

Being careful to not denigrate or discriminate, the sculptures draw questions about the connection between war and religion. But they're also just simply amazing to see.

"You could look at it as architecture, it's beautiful, it's fun in that he's using such an odd material, guns and bullets to make buildings,” said Laura Dillaway, a docent and board member for BAM. "You can (also) look at the individual guns themselves - we have people who like guns coming in because they're interested in what guns he used."

Kidder said feedback from visitors representing various religions and political ideologies has been overwhelmingly positive.

"We want to be an open environment for conversation and that's what it's become,” she said. “It's been a great opportunity to engage people in conversation."

Divine Ammunition is on display at BAM until May 7.

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