Bainbridge Island's most famous four-legged resident is also its fastest on four wheels.

"George has one speed, and that's full-on," said the dog's owner, Marcus Singel.

The English Bulldog seemed to take an interest in skateboards when he was just a pup. So his other human, Marcus' wife, Nadine, bought him a board.

"He's pushing it around, pushing it around," Nadine said. "Then he saw a kid ride. And he connected the dots. All of a sudden, off he goes."

And he never looked back.

"He would get a little better each time, and it was just amazing us," Marcus recalled. "We thought, oh, this has got to be all he can do. Then he just kept doing more and more and more, up and down the bowls, and twisting and turning."

George is completely self-taught.

Nadine said, "I've never once given him a treat for this."

For four years, George has been thrilling the fans who line up to see him shred.

"'Can't believe what I'm seeing with my eyes.' I hear that a lot," Nadine said.

Mom and Dad wish they could get him to put on a helmet and pads. But so far, so good.

"He's never been injured," Marcus said.

Mostly, George runs the risk of dehydration.

Marcus said, "He will not stop for a drink whenever he's skating. We actually have to get the board away from him, put it away, and then he knows oh, okay, time for a drink."

George has no interest in slowing down.

"I think I could put a steak in front of him and he wouldn't stop," Marcus said.

Which is just fine with his countless fans.

Nadine said, "I'm thrilled that he's making people smile."

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