Fluffy, furry and friendly baby bunnies are coming to a birthday party near you.

Bunnies for Birthdays is a Kenmore party experience company started by USDA-certified rabbit breeder, Kirsty Lee. All of the baby bunnies featured at the parties are already claimed by future owners on a waiting list. The baby bunnies are between one and eight weeks old.

Bunnies for Birthdays says on their Web site that they will "come to you, set up (an) area, entertain your guests, provide food and toys, clean up area and provide sanitation."

In addition, they can "take care of photography, catering and favors, too."

Bunnies for Birthdays party packages start at $200.00.

Lee also adopts out certain bunnies to qualified forever homes. You can apply on the Bunnies for Birthdays website.