Nobody sees the world quite like artist Gregory Blackstock. An autistic savant, his obsessive need to find order in life has led to an astonishing collection of art that can be around around the world.

He's created 298 charts ranging from hardware tools and nuisance butterflies to candy canes and leghorn roosters.

" To Gregory the world is kind of a large, unknowable random seeming kind of world," says Greg Kucera who is selling Blackstock's work at his gallery," so his way of ordering that is to drop everything into classifications."

Each work is the result of hours of research Blackstock did with the help of local librarians. His cousin Dorothy Frisch says Gregory does not like chaos and he doesn't not like unnamed things. In Blackstock's art, everything has its place.

Blackstock's art is finding its place on the walls of art collectors and museums. The Collection de l'Art Brut in Lausanne, Switzerland has seven Blackstocks on display. Portland publishing house Pomegranate has licensed his art for calendars, note cards and puzzles.

Blackstock enjoys the fame, especially when it means he can travel. But he seems just as content to sit at a table with a bag of colored pencils and start charting a new chart cataloging whatever interests him.

"Everybody gets bored. Greg never," says Frisch. "He has something at his fingertips to give him enjoyment 24/7. So so many of us walk around saying 'Boy there but for the grace of God go I' and yet he's happy, the world is a wonderful place. How many of us can say that?"

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