In honor of World Refugee Day, an art exhibition at La Marzocco Café and Showroom on Queen Anne features the work of local refugees.

It’s the 12th annual ARTvocacy.

"It's a blend between an art show and advocacy,” said Nicky Smith, Executive Director of International Rescue Committee in Seattle. "They're from many different countries including Burma and Guinea and Afghanistan. They're ambassadors for the refugee community and they're incredible artists with great creativity and imagination."

One of them is Olha Moisiuk, who moved from Ukraine to Western Washington. She’s been creating art since childhood.

"I was six years, a little girl, and I drew with my mom every evening,” she said. "Portraits, graphics, I love different techniques."

Moisiuk’s refugee experience mirrors millions of others.

“More than 3/4 of the world's refugees are actually women and children under the age of 18, which are a very vulnerable population,” Smith said. "These are victims of war and violence and persecution. Whether it's in the boardrooms or the airports or the city streets, people standing together and saying refugees are welcome is really important."

It’s made all the difference for Moisiuk and her own family.

"My daughter is eight and she's very happy and goes to school,” she said. “Now after 7 months, (she speaks) great English. It's amazing!"

You can see Moisiuk’s work, along with art created by other refugees, on IRC’s Facebook page.