You're on a cramped airplane with a jacket, your headphones, phone, iPad. Then, they hand you a beverage?! The captain says, 'Have a pleasant flight!' And you're thinkin', 'Yeah right!' But a Seattle inventor may make that possible again with the Airhook.

Craig Rabin's travel gadget is a seemingly insignificant piece of plastic. But it can mean the difference between comfort...and not.

It was created to hold a jacket...then a your device.

The Airhook slides in behind a latched tray table on just about any airplane. We tested it at The Museum of Flight. It's easy to install and stays in place,even if the person in front shakes the seat.

Craig says close to 20,000 Airhooks in 3 colors are currently flying all over the globe.

He donates a percentage of each sale to cancer research to honor his mom, who died of the disease.